It has been a many years since Irina and her mother left Romania to live in Montreal. Away from their family, Irina becomes disconnected and absorbed in virtual worlds which separate her from her mother. When she is faced with the passing of a grandparent, she turns to her closest ally in attempt to understand the meaning of loss and family through distance and time.


Festivals / Screenings

Leagan poster A4

Marie Margineanu-Plante
Catalina Pop
Vanessa Seiler
Renee Madeleine-Leguerrier

Director/Writer : Vjosana Shkurti
Cinematographer: Pablo Pugliese
1st Assistant Director: Gio Olmos
Editor: Olivier Perrier
Art Director: Gabrielle Vigneault Gendron
Composer: Gabrielle Vigneault Gendron
Sound Designer: Vjosana Shkurti

Poster by Gio Olmos


Winnipeg Film Group 

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre