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“Utland” originates from Old English and is defined as “foreign country”. The apparent foreignness of the word, even to those fluent in English, matches the sense of alienation and loss experienced when relocating to a distant place. The ability to adjust to a new environment always comes into conflict with the desire to remember the place of origin. This film is a personal tale that explores the contrast between two types of landscapes: one that exists in the past, filled with warm nostalgia, and one that exists in the present, cold and barren. It is the story of a young woman who discovers a thread that brings her step-by-step closer to her forgotten past and provides a hopeful glimpse into her future. Hints of folk music and elements of home become overwhelmingly present and guide her as she walks through the hinterland.

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Direction / Concept / Editing / Sound Design
Vjosana Shkurti

Kelly Azar
Pamela Koren

Production Crew:
Pablo Pugliese
Giovana Olmos
Maéva Thibeault
Harrison Goldberg
Nicolas Jasmin
Lucie MacAulay
Gerardo Alcaine
Hannah Silver

Sound Mixer:
Stéphane Calce

Special Thanks:
Concordia Greenhouse
Andrew Lima
Florian Shkurti
Gursimar Singh

Albanian Folk (Kaba)